Vivek Giddani attends a Sinus and Bone Grafting Course for Dental Implants

Weigh scales, measuring tape and apple
Woman using an interdental brush
Woman using an interdental brush

Dr Vivek Giddani now offers bone grafting and sinus augmentation at Larkham House

Dr Giddani has been very busy with training courses, a large part of being able to offer patients the highest quality of service is to stay up to date with information, skills and new technologies.

He attended the intensive 3-day course in bone grafting and sinus augmentation in London. This course was developed by The London Centre of Implant and Aesthetic Dentistry along with Kings College London.

The fantastic edge this course offered against others was the hands-on aspect using cadavers, meaning he was able to develop skills on the human structures. Over the 3 days he refreshed his knowledge of surgical and implant related anatomy along with the diagnosis and management of sinus diseases.

The hands-on session at Kings College included completing sinus augmentation, block grafting, particulate grafting, pin and screw fixation and the use of different biomaterials and the patient suitability of each. Learning these new skills has really boosted the treatment list available to our patients and external referrers.

The importance of Vivek attending the course was to be able to build relationships with patients by offering all implant treatment stages within the practice, rather than the need to refer them out. Overall, it was a great pleasure to attend and now be able to offer bone and sinus augmentation procedures at Larkham House.