Jill Hetherington

GDC 5693
RADC Aldershot 2000
Dental Hygienist

Jill qualified as a Hygienist in the Royal Air Force in 2000.
Over the years Jill has attended several ‘Masterclasses’ to ensure she provides the best and most up to date treatment for her patients including treating advanced gum disease and tooth whitening. She recognises the anxiety that some people feel in the dental setting and has had an enormous success helping even the most nervous dental patients overcome their negative feelings towards dental visits.

She feels the most important part of her role is teaching her patients how to care for their mouths on a daily basis, by guiding them on the best homecare regime to help them help themselves. Her mantra is ‘Gum disease is fought in the bathroom – not in the surgery’. Jill gains great job satisfaction from providing patients with the skills and knowledge that will enable them to maintain their teeth and implants for life.

During recent years she has been actively involved on the committee for the local Hygienist and Therapist Society, organising study days for her peers. She is also a member of the British Society of Periodontal Disease.

In her spare time she has an allotment and supports the local animal charity ‘Gables Farm Dogs and Cats Home’, helping to raise funds and also Fostering some of their cats and kittens.

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