CBCT Interpretation Masterclass with Dr J Makdissi

20 / 07 / 2018


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We now accept CBCT referrals after the CBCT Interpretation Masterclass

Dr Giddani spent two days in Exeter for the CBCT Interpretation Masterclass with Dr J Makdissi to learn the requirements needed to offer extensive hands on reporting for CBCT scans. The course fulfils the requirements of the current HPA guidelines and the BSDMFR curriculum in relation to the IR(ME)R referrer and IR(ME)R operator (reporting).

The two-day sessions covered the radiation protection, physics and principles of CBCT imaging. This is important for patients receiving a 3D dental CBCT scan to be able to ensure highly accurate pre-planning resulting in minimised risk, lower costs and a lower number of visits.

Finally, in addition to his experience daily as a Registrar, it has been an advantage to update and refresh radiological interpretation of dental and maxillofacial pathology, diseases and relevant anatomy.

Following this course, we are pleased to announce the acceptance of CBCT referrals from external practices. We are able to offer just the scan or full detailed reporting if requested.

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