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What we got up to when we closed the Practice!

The staff at Larkham House would like to say a big thank you to our boss Dr Graham for closing the practice for an entire day and investing a full day of training in the whole team. We had a fabulous day, taught by Ashley Latter, one of the best trainers around who teaches all over the world. He taught us to develop the skills we need, not only ensure we meet our patients’ expectations, but to exceed them.

You will find on your next visit to us that we have extra self-belief and confidence, and an extremely positive attitude (without be annoying!). We will strive to stand out from other dental surgeries, always reassuring and caring, ensuring that a visit to us is not a stressful experience.

Our dentists and Hygienists will offer you clear and concise explanations on our range of treatments and their cost, without the technical jargon and waffle, backed up by evidence.

We offer a first-class patient journey so why not come in and put us through our paces!